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Mentorship Program

CIPS Alberta has partnered with MentorNet to bring an e-mentoring program to the membership, promoting mentorship relationships between college students (protégés) and IT professionals (mentors). Protégés gain invaluable career advice, encouragement and support, while professionals lend their expertise by helping to educate and inspire young professionals. Students are asked to fill out a profile specifying what they are looking for in a mentor, and then are matched in one-on-one email relationships with industry mentors who have relevant experience in the IT field. This one-on-one relationship takes approximately 15 minutes per week and is free to both the protégé and the mentor. The official e-mentoring relationship lasts approximately eight months.

Protégés in the MentorNet progam consistently report:

  • An increased confidence in their career success
  • An increased desire to pursue a career in their chosen field
  • A high degree of satisfaction with their MentorNet experience

Mentors in the MentorNet program consistently report:

  • The personal satisfaction of knowing that they have helped someone else
  • Professional development including honing their mentoring skills to use within their companies
  • Increased levels of commitment to their fields and their employers
  • Opportunities for self-reflection and self-renewal

MentorNet seeks mentors who are:

  • Science and engineering professionals.
  • In industry, government, or academia.
  • Active, on leave, or retired.

To match with protégés who are:

  • Pursuing a professional future in the fields of engineering and science.
  • At the community college, undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, or early career faculty levels.
  • Active, on leave, or retired.

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