Are you proud to be part of the Information Technology Profession?

Information Technology is one of the key drivers in the world today

  • Significant portion of the world economy
  • Critical and key role as an enabler technology
  • Key to productivity
  • Key to an organization's economic value
  • Key component in delivery of health and safety
  • Key to personal data privacy
YOU have chosen a profession to be proud of.

Many people are entering the 'information technology' workforce without recognized education or experience. Some of these people are good and many are not.

With many failed or poor implementations of information technology systems, some people are working beyond their level of competence. This reflects badly on all of us!

√ Pride √ Passion √ Professionalism

The keys to your success as an IT professional

Alberta's Association of IT Professionals (CIPS - Alberta) promotes

  • pride in our profession
  • professionalism

OUR Association needs YOU to extend the passion!

OUR Association needs

  • PROUD,
to lead the provincial organization.

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