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Ambassador Program

The CIPS Ambassador Program is a great way to bring the services and value of CIPS to your organization.  A CIPS Ambassador acts as a liaison between CIPS and your company, which will increase your organization's exposure to the CIPS membership.

Ambassador Program Goals

• Increase awareness of CIPS in the workplace
• Increase attendance and participation in CIPS events
• Create a stronger network amongst CIPS members
• Provide a contact within each organization to assist with queries from members and interested potential members
• Assist in deriving value FOR the organization from CIPS
• Maintain relationship between their organization and CIPS to ensure they both receive value

Ambassador Profile

• Positive role model in their organization
• Dedicated to participating and encouraging CIPS activities, events and programs
• Recognized as a leader who is able to generate enthusiasm and participation
• Has time or resources to track and distribute information in both a general and targeted fashion
• Ability to gather information from peers and CIPS members to assist the organization in deriving value from CIPS.
• Keen to work with a team to build the ambassador program and ensure value for both the business and CIPS.
Ambassador Role
• Liaison between CIPS and their own organization
• Supports their organization by being the voice into CIPS to ensure that CIPS gears programs, offerings and network opportunities to support the goals of the organization
• Point person in their organization for CIPS queries
• Disseminate and focus CIPS news and program events to members and key individuals
• Participate in providing feedback to CIPS on how CIPS can improve to provide value
• Work with CIPS to deliver focused events in collaboration with CIPS which deliver value to their organization
• Promote and champion the CIPS organization and present the value to current and future members
• Work with the CIO and Business Directors to understand the group membership and encourage participation
• Network with other Ambassadors and bring additional networking opportunities into their organization
• Works with the other Ambassadors to promote, build and support the Ambassador program
• Participate in CIPS events

Become an Ambassador

To inquire about becoming allied with CIPS as an Ambassador, contact the CIPS office at or fill out the form below: